Phantom Child Safety Mechanism

Phantom Child Safety Mechanism


This post will outline the proposed Phantom CSM (Child Safety Mechanism).


For the sake of this post, we have listed three critical definitions as defined in the act and regulations.

child safety mechanism means, in relation to a vaping device, a mechanism or combination of mechanisms that—
(a) requires at least 2 simultaneous or 5 sequential operations before the vaping device is activated; and
(b) automatically deactivates the device within a period of no more than 10 minutes after vaping has stopped

activate, in relation to a vaping device, means to turn on the vaping device so that it can be used to vape

deactivate means, in relation to a vaping device, to turn off a vaping device so that it cannot be used to vape

What is considered a CSM operation?

Four main options have been circulating as potential CSM operations practical for vaping devices, and we have outlined the four we tested below. The one standard requirement across all CSM devices is that they must power off so that they cannot be used to vape within 10 minutes of no use.

Pod in Pod out Five times. We found this method frustrating for the user and can't be done single-handedly (while driving, for example).

Five Puffs. This method was a bit hit or miss as it can add pressure build up into the pod and flood the coil, and we don't 100% know if puffs will be considered an acceptable operation according to the regulations.

Five Button Press. This method was the most user-friendly and efficient, but harder to implement vs. the two above as it requires a new element to be added to the external user area of the Phantom Battery.

Two Simultaneous actions. This method needs further clarification, but our understanding is the act intends for two button presses. For example, some advanced vaping devices have lock features where the user would hold the 'Up Button' and the 'Trigger Button' together for 2 seconds to unlock the Device. This method is the hardest to implement as it requires two new elements to be added to the external user area of the Phantom Battery and would be hard for the user to do single-handedly (while driving, for example).

What method did Phantom elect?

We opted for Five Thumb Taps of a button (Five Button Press) to activate the Device after 10 minutes of no use. The images below illustrate the user action. The button does not need to be hit directly; a thumb or finger press in the bottom area of the Device will trigger the action. Five taps and the Device unlocks.'


We aim to make the Phantom user-friendly while being 100% compliant and child-safe. Many vapers probably aren't aware yet that this child unlock action will have to be repeated every time they go to vape; so, for example, chain vapers may be doing this up to 3-4 times an hour, so when factoring all available options we believe we have elected the most compliant and most user-friendly option. As the market shifts to all CSM vape devices, especially early on, users may choose to stick or leave a brand based on the CSM, and we believe we have got it right in the Phantom!