Black Note Burley Tobacco

Burley Tobacco

Burley tobacco, sensationally smooth and subtly sweet, Black Note's Forte features the full-bodied flavour for...
Black Note Cavendish Tobacco

Cavendish Tobacco

Cavendish tobacco is Naturally sweet and bursting with robust flavours, this e-juice is produced by...
Black Note Cigar Tobacco

Cigar Tobacco

Concerto (Cuban Cigar) is a High-quality cigar tobacco grown in moist tropical climate. It delivers...
Black Note Kentucky Tobacco

Kentucky Tobacco

Kentucky tobacco, Earthy, smooth and subtly nutty, Black Note's Legato features a Kentucky tobacco grown in...
Black Note Latakia Tobacco

Latakia Tobacco

A rare blend with a remarkable flavour, Syrian Latakia tobacco is sun-cured and then smoke-cured...
Black Note Menthol Tobacco

Menthol Tobacco

Menthol tobacco; Enjoy a smooth-as-silk Virginia tobacco overlaid with a fresh menthol extract derived from...
Black Note Virginia Tobacco

Virginia Tobacco

Golden Virginia tobacco e-juice is from Nutrient-rich soils and a slow flue-curing process ensure the...

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