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The Phantom Device is reuseable and recharheable.


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10ml (4400 Puff) Pre-filled Pod - Available in 20mg & 40mg Nicotine Salts

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are sure you have a few questions and we have answered the most common below.

Where is Phantom made?

Phantom e-liquid is produced in our Wellington Lab using the finest imported ingredients from around the world.

Our Wellington facility handles the filling and packaging of Phantom Pods & Bottles. This enables us to scale our production in line with market demand and offers a broader range of products with multiple nicotine strengths. Unlike other brands that manufacture and package their products in China, we prioritise local production to cater specifically to the needs of New Zealand vapers and comply with the country's product safety requirements, both present and future.

We are committed to creating an ecosystem that meets the highest standards and endures the test of time. Phantom is dedicated to evolving alongside the industry, ensuring we remain a reliable and trusted brand. You can have peace of mind knowing that Phantom is here to stay and adapt as the industry progresses.

Does Phantom have a Child Safety Mechanism?

The Child Safety Mechanism (CSM) will be implemented into the Phantom before the March 21st 2024 deadline. We have created a post where we go into detail on how this will be implemented into Phantom and the available options we had.

Phantom CSM

Is the Phantom Battery Removeable?

Yes, to our understanding, Phantom already meets the scope. Still, there is some confusion about what qualifies as a "battery" and what "removable & inspectable" means when referring to the act and regulations. In an extended post, we have gone into detail to illustrate our point of view, understanding, and how we interpret the new act and regulations. You can read more on this by clicking the button below:

Phantom Battery FAQ

What happens if I have non-compliant stock past the deadlines?

We are committed to our retail partners to ensure all Phantom products you stock are compliant. We will exchange your products for compliant versions if you have non-compliant stock past the deadline. We will take care of the collection and shipping of this transition at our expense, saving you time and money.

How many puffs are in a Phantom Pod?

Each Phantom Pod holds 10ml of E-Liquid and provides up to 4400 puffs!

What Customer is Phantom for?

Disposable vapes have gained popularity in the past two years due to their convenience and flavorful experience. However, the downside, as we are aware, is that the disposable aspect has led to regulatory restrictions and bans on these devices across the globe.

On the other hand, prefilled pod systems offer convenience while generating less electronic waste. However, they often have limited e-liquid capacity, mediocre flavour, and limited battery life, which drives customers to opt for disposable vapes.

Phantom is the perfect solution, bridging the gap between generic disposable vapes and prefilled pod systems with enhanced vaping technology. As the ban on disposable vapes looms, customers will seek suitable alternatives, and Phantom is poised to meet their needs.

How many Phantom Pods vs Devices should I stock?

If you're familiar with other pod systems available in the New Zealand market, you know that when a new product is launched, the focus is on acquiring new customers rather than serving existing ones. As the product gains traction among your customer base, the demand for devices will decrease while the demand for pods will increase.

During the first three months, we suggest stocking roughly 70% of your order in devices. For instance, if you order 60 pods, it is recommended to order 40 devices.

In the subsequent three months, you can adjust your device stock on hand to 50%. Following the same example, if you order 60 pods, it would be appropriate to order 30 devices.

Once Phantom becomes established among your customer base, the recommended device stock on hand will decrease to around 10-20%. For example, if you order 60 pods, ordering 10-15 devices would be advisable.

Should I stock both 20mg & 40mg Phantom Pods?

While you understand your customers better, our sales data indicates that the 40mg variants tend to perform better in retail shops than the 20mg variants. However, online sales show a narrower gap, and sometimes the demand for the 20mg strength increases.

If you're uncertain about stocking the 20mg variant, we recommend initially focusing on stocking only the 40mg variants. As you interact with customers on a case-by-case basis, you can enquire if they would be interested in a lower-strength option if it were available. This approach allows you to gauge customer preferences and adjust your inventory accordingly.

Can I get Samples sent to me?

Absolutely! Please click the button below to contact our team to request a sample box containing the full Phantom Range. Make sure to provide us with your business name & shipping address, and we will arrange the shipment of the sample box to your specified address.

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Same rich disposable flavour in any device!

Phantom has shared their secret with every refillable device.

30ml Bottle. Available in 20mg & 40mg Nicotine Salts

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